The art of Emily Hackbart

​​welcome to The Paper Woodland!



Hello! I am so glad that you stopped by! My name is Emily Hackbart, and I am the artist behind the art at The paper Woodland! I grew up on a small family farm in Northern California, and loved nothing more than playing with our many animals, and sketching them. I spent countless hours drawing and sketching my pets, and my love for art and animals grew as I did. I got a degree in Art from Brigham Young University Idaho, and went on to become a flight attendant of all things! I sort of took a break from art at that time, and didn't really seriously get back into it until after I was married and had my second baby. I decided to stop flying at that point, and and I started to spend more time drawing and painting again. I opened up my Etsy shop last year, and it has been a wild ride since then! I love nothing more than sitting down at my desk after a long day of being a stay-at-home mommy and farmer, and getting to work on my art. 

Emily Hackbart